Flority is a precise GPS Field App for Land Restoration
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A precise GPS Field App allowing capture of GPS-Photos and GPS-Polygons, powered by Wells for Zoë and developed specifically for Reforestation and Land Restoration projects.


The main goal of Flority App is to enable low-skilled users to capture highly accurate GPS-Data, via an easy sharing process.

Flority user & phone


The system can be configured to be as simplistic as login, point-and-shoot, and when online photos will upload automatically.
However, because specific options can be enabled/disabled in the backend by administrators, the system is highly customisable, suiting different user-groups from field worker, to supervisor, to site visitor.

greenhouse. on mac


  • Reliable GPS-Accuracy (camera is disabled if insufficient)
  • Easy, Secure User Login Procedure
  • Photo(s) immediately available in the backend system (greenhouse.) following upload
  • GPS-Polygons immediately available in the backend system (greenhouse.) following upload
  • All App functions can be controlled through API Calls
  • Hierarchical multi-user management

mapview with window Flority results


Each photo shared contains:

  • Date, Time, Geolocation
  • #Tag (if added)
  • Comment (if added)
  • Photographer/User
  • Associated Organisation